The Bare Bones Of Gum Recession

Written By Aadland Dental on November 1, 2017

NO ONE LOOKS FORWARD to getting “long in the tooth” because of gum recession. However, while tooth length might be an accurate yardstick for judging the age of a horse, age is not the culprit behind receding gums in humans. Gum recession... Read More

Maintaining Your Post-Invisible Aligner Smile

Written By Aadland Dental on October 25, 2017

WHILE TRADITIONAL WIRE braces are still the most efficient at straightening teeth, fixing crowding, and correcting an underbite or overbite, invisible aligners have become an attractive alternative in recent years. Being able to get all the benefits of braces with such a low-profile... Read More

Kids' Dental Health 101

Written By Aadland Dental on October 18, 2017

WE ALL REMEMBER what it was like to lose our first tooth and become “one of the big kids.” Children grow up fast, but the time of greatest change for their teeth is the transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth.... Read More

Trade Candy For Prizes At Our Sweet Swap!

Written By Aadland Dental on October 4, 2017

  HALLOWEEN SEASON MEANS it’s time for our Sweet Swap! Do your kids bring home more candy from trick-or-treating than you want them to eat? Do they only eat a few of their favorite pieces and leave the rest to go stale?... Read More

Nail Biting And Oral Health

Written By Aadland Dental on September 20, 2017

    WE CALL SUSPENSEFUL BOOKS “nail-biters,” but the habit of nail biting itself has less exciting connotations. The most obvious consequence is torn, uneven nails, and in particularly severe cases, nails that become dramatically shortened and deformed over time. This alone would be... Read More

Dental Sealants Have Our Seal Of Approval

Written By Aadland Dental on September 13, 2017

      AS PARENTS, our children’s well-being is always our top priority, and their dental health is a big part of that. It’s important to take good care of their baby teeth, of course, but what can we do to ensure that their... Read More

Dentures Then And Now

Written By Aadland Dental on September 6, 2017

      AS RECENTLY AS 2012, one fifth of American adults over sixty-five had lost all of their natural teeth. Whether the tooth loss is from age or other causes, it is a problem dentists have been dealing with for thousands of years. Dentures Have... Read More

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